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Nokia, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson to be distributed in Korea ?

As previously said with the iPhone 3G example, the Korean mobile phone market is getting more open for foreign brands.

Indeed SK Telecom which has recently released the Touch Dual of Taiwanese HTC, plans to offer its customers two Nokia handsets and a Blackberry by RIM. SK Telecom is also said to be close to Sony Ericsson.

However the local technical standards (WIPI) still make uncertain the release of a large range of foreign handsets in the country.


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Apple to launch iPhone 3G in Korea ?

1) The new iPhone 3G has the Korean Keyboard option.

2) The position of iPhone 3G Korea product manager is no longer available.

3) Rumors say Korea Free Telecom might be the carrier associated to the launch of the iPhone 3G in Korea.

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