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LG #4 mobile phone maker in the world

LG Electronics announced an increase in sales for the second quarter of 38.6% YoY mainly due to the great performances on mobile phones and flat screens.

LG sold 27.7 million handsets during the second quarter vs 24.4 million units during the first quarter of 2008. On a year to year basis, LG mobile phone sales have increased by 22% !

By the end of the year LG will probably sell 100 million handsets and reach a global market share of 9% vs 80.5 million units and 7.2% of global market share in 2007.

LG is now the number four mobile phone maker in the world and might even climb on the podium in the next months.

The top 5 mobile phone makers are now :

#1 : Nokia
#2 : Samsung Electronics
#3 : Motorola
#4 : LG Electronics
#5 : Sony Ericsson


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