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3G in Korea

In 2008, 90% of South Koreans have at least one mobile phone. South Korea is considered a leader in 3G mobile technology with one of the world’s highest percentage of 3G handsets users.

KTF is the leader of 3G services with 6.32m of customers. SKT the second provider with 6.18m subscribers has been reducing the gap over the last few months, from a high of 645,000 at the end of August 2007, to 515,000 at the end of 2007, to 134,000 at the end of June 2008. LGT, the third provider attracted 0.4m users since the launch of its 3G services in September 2007.

In total, there were 12.9m 3G handsets at the end of June 2008, up from 1.53m in June 2007 which means a growth rate of 743.9% YoY, compared to a total market growth rate of 6.3% YoY. Monthly growth has slowed recently but remains in double digits; the rate was 11.4% in June. Finally, nearly a third of phones sold are 3G handsets. 3G is expected to keep booming in Korea with an expected number of users of 23m by 2010.

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Naver : most popular website in Korea

A survey conducted by the internet and media research   company KoreanClick announced Korean major internet portal Naver as the most visited website in Korea in June 2008.

In June 2008 Naver is ranked No.1 for visitors with 31,164,000 unique visitors.  Another Korean Internet portal : Daum is ranked No.2 with 29,521,000 unique visitors. No.3 is Cyworld, the most popular Cyber world community in Korea with 23,889,000 unique visitors.

The ranking of search engines is :

1.Naver : 3,556,790,000 queries
2.Daum : 922,881,000 queries
3.Empas : 242,752,000 queries
4.Yahoo: 209,171,000 queries
5.Google : 25,202,000 queries

The leader of shopping destinations is Auction with 17,998,000 unique visitors , followed by Gmarket with 17,951,000 unique visitors and Interpark with 11,704,000 unique visitors.

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An introduction to the online advertising market in Korea

In 2007 the online advertising market in Korea has been estimated to be worth  980 billion won ($1.03 billion) according to a survey conducted by one of the main online marketer Overture.

In 2008, the online advertising market will grow by 15%, the same growth as in 2007.

Expenses in the online advertising market account for 16% of the whole advertising market in the country.

Keyword-ads are becoming more and more popular with CPC reaching 1,000 won ($1) for targeted ads but display ads maintain a strong position due to the role of heavyweight players like Naver.

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LG #4 mobile phone maker in the world

LG Electronics announced an increase in sales for the second quarter of 38.6% YoY mainly due to the great performances on mobile phones and flat screens.

LG sold 27.7 million handsets during the second quarter vs 24.4 million units during the first quarter of 2008. On a year to year basis, LG mobile phone sales have increased by 22% !

By the end of the year LG will probably sell 100 million handsets and reach a global market share of 9% vs 80.5 million units and 7.2% of global market share in 2007.

LG is now the number four mobile phone maker in the world and might even climb on the podium in the next months.

The top 5 mobile phone makers are now :

#1 : Nokia
#2 : Samsung Electronics
#3 : Motorola
#4 : LG Electronics
#5 : Sony Ericsson

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Korean government supports Information Technologies

The Korean Government has recently shown its strong support to the sector of Information technologies and Telecommunications by the voice of its Ministry of Knowledge Economy. A 5 years plan is supposed to inject 3.5 trillion won ($35 billion) in the economy. The development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been set as a priority.

The plan is really ambitious but the objective of 1,000 technology companies with more than 50 billion won ($50 million) in revenue, and 10 world-class software companies might be unrealistic.

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Nokia, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson to be distributed in Korea ?

As previously said with the iPhone 3G example, the Korean mobile phone market is getting more open for foreign brands.

Indeed SK Telecom which has recently released the Touch Dual of Taiwanese HTC, plans to offer its customers two Nokia handsets and a Blackberry by RIM. SK Telecom is also said to be close to Sony Ericsson.

However the local technical standards (WIPI) still make uncertain the release of a large range of foreign handsets in the country.

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Apple to launch iPhone 3G in Korea ?

1) The new iPhone 3G has the Korean Keyboard option.

2) The position of iPhone 3G Korea product manager is no longer available.

3) Rumors say Korea Free Telecom might be the carrier associated to the launch of the iPhone 3G in Korea.

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